WHAT!!!! from 1999 – 2017, with the speed of light

Okay lets face it I got fired. I have been aware of the way things was going sense late summer 2016, Even that I did my best to digging up work, It was time for me to move-on. 17 years, sens I started as an apprentice, only 17 years old, back in the dotcom days, where everybody was doing businesses, as it was the old wild west, If I scratch your back you scratches mine (I hope…). Where did all those years go…? If I try to remember what technologies filled my day to day work-life, I remember names like Token-Ring 16/4, Norton Ghost, Windows 98 vs. Windows NT 4, Windows 2000. Red Hat Linux 6.x, Infinity servers, OS/2, ATM backbone switches, IBM ThinkPad’s TP600E, Lotus Notes Domino, remote dial-in, 56K and later ISDN  etc. Then came along WM-Ware ESX, with a bunch of IBM servers rack-mounted, in the basement. Moved to a bigger city, got married, had a kid, got divorced, found my self, now living the happy life with my beautiful girlfriend, fare away from the city, in the countryside, with out 6 horses… WHAT!!!! from 1999 – 2017, with the speed of light. I spent 13 years doing Internal IT work, and for the last 4 years worked with costumers, in the public sector. 

What have changed, sense back then… ? Well today my day to day work-life is filled with words like, Outsourcing, Offshore development, Fedora 25, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, data-centres, Cloud, in private and public, automation, continues delivery, version-control, storage (SAN), DevOps, AM team and Infrastructure team, project leaders and System architects. With Words like wireless network, Gigabit networks, Cyber security, Windows 10 etc. bringing disturbing decisions to my attention, interfering with the very primary tools, I use to do my work.

What have been the primary thing, there covers it all in one word CHANGES !!!. The only thing there is, and ever will be certain is that changes always plays a curtail part in your work-life, leaving you with one option only… how do you as a person handle it, how do you stay positive and open to the new things. For me it was trying to understand the changes, all from software, to new ways of doing business, to get the feeling of being a team-player, and not the lone-wolf, there is so appealing, to my personality. Not saying that i’m not a team-player, but to know what team I belong too. What is a team for me… a group of people, with all kind of skills, that I trust 100%, and likewise they trust me. In a team, there always is a go-to person, to solve what ever kind of challenges you happen to stumble-up on, being e.g. a project manager, a developer a database engineer, or even someone to ask about accounting, we all work towards one common goal, to be ready for the next change heading our way.

To be a team-player, you need to know you self, and not get stuck in on one way of thinking or doing things, if you don’t know what your core believes is, you don’t know who you are, and you don’t know what you bring to your team. What is a skill… ? A skill can be anything, but it’s not something static, to be a skill, it have to be open for continues changes, just like everything else, but never get to fare away from the core of its roots. The roots are grown from the ethics of it’s beginning.

I got to fare away from the roots of where my skills grew, not that my skills didn’t fit in the last 4 years, but I wasn’t able to water them, on a regular basics, I even had to compromise, the core of some of them, I tried to fit-in, and found a whole bunch of new skills, that I planted, occasionally watering them, when ever I need them, leaving my self with too many small seeds, waiting for the sun to shine on them, so they would grow, often they killed each-other along the way.

So where am I heading now… By the 1st of April 2017 I will start in a new position with one of Denmark’s biggest server hosting company’s, where I will be watering some of the biggest skills I have, and give the small seeds, there have survived a chance to grow, and become wonderful tree’s.

If you find you self, trying to fit-in, at your current work, just like I did , fighting to find the skills you need to grow, even compromising some of your core believes, STOP!! and take a look at what you truly believe in, don’t try to fit-in for to long, make a decision to start looking for what you really want, don’t be closed about the big changes, but embrace them.


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