My Philosophy

I’m the person who don’t doubt him self. I know that fear comes from the the unknowing, and the unknowing is just waiting to be explored. I live to learn, and to share with others what I have come across. In my life I have come to this philosophy, primary looking at Open Source, which is the true power of sharing and working together. I know that by expressing anger in any conversation you only get nowhere. If you feel unsatisfied with the way a person is expressing it self, or treading you, you have always the choice to control your attitude in a positive way, and in peace expressing the way you feel. That is the way you make you self clear by showing them the true reason behind your point. I have a way of speaking to people that open up, because I am always focused 100% to listening and thinking about what they are saying, before answering. I never judge or say something is right or wrong, but simply showing them all the sides to a situation, seen from my perspective.


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