A Linux Geek living off grid

So it have been a while since I last posted anything, my life have been crazy, I think I have tried so many things in such a short time, that I’m getting use to changes. I have changed job 3 times, I have been a part of the most wonderful, start-up trip, building an OpenSource company, that we solde in June 2019. Currently I have a job with NNIT A/S. I have spent almost 20 years as a Linux operations technician, and now I have settled as a Unix/Linux Service Architect, I really want a steady job for now, because along the way I became single again, and now i’m the owner of a wonderful place deep in the forest. Currently I’m living alone with 4 horses, 3 pigs and a dog, and at the sametime building my new cariare, as a none-operations Linux geek, now pushing the papers, and designing wonderful new Unix and Linux services. I found that I need to take a deeper look at Unix, just today I installed FreeBSD and Solaris, using my home build virtualization platform. It is using good old KVM and all the partitioning is placed in Logical Volumes, kicking 2 CPU’s and 64GB RAM, with an old school softraid 5 as the backend, with 6TB. So how is life, in this new times, well I enjoy waking-up every morning to the sound of silence, and the wild deers wondering my backyard.

It is extreme how much the total silence is influencing me, I really don’t understand how I ever lived in the city, and with nabos… Also to be surrounded with horses, and wildlife, gives it an extra dimension, the feeling of taking a 10 km walk, and never leave my own cadastral, and not passing any strangers along the way, is astonishing. To be able to invite loved ones, and take them for an ATV drive, is pure freedom.

From an OpenSource perspective, I’m still re-packaging the .deb from Das Keyboard, in to my Fedora repo, and along the way I found a deep interest, in data science, I love Pandas and Python, and I try never to touch a spreadsheet program like e.g. Excel, unless it is absolutely necessary.

So what is the biggest challenges, living off grid as a Linux geek, well… Internet, without a static IP, I have to use mobile, but at least it’s fast. Also the challenge with getting up early in the morning, to feed all the animals, before I drive off to work, and the never ending story of getting back home, to the dog, so she don’t have to be alone for to long. I try to work as much as I can from home, and I kind of did that for almost 1,5 years, but in my new position, I really need to show my face every now and then. I vote for the trend of working from home, as much as you can. Most of my operations team is located in China, and are bound to work from home, doing this terrible Coronavirus time, it really put stuff, related to work, in perspective. I believe that everyone would be so much happier working from home, and only as a choice go to the office, every now and then. It needs some getting use to, and some training, but hey take a look at the big perspective, pollution, stress, and living in the city to be able to get to work fast…. all stuff we could be without, if this trend takes it course and open the eyes for the world, that working from home is better for everybody.


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