Das Keyboard Q5

I was looking for a new keyboard on Cybermonday, and there I found this beast. It’s a little expensive, but I got a good discount. I sens found that the create of this only provided *.deb paketces, and I was a little offended, nerver or less I went ahead to provide an RPM for Fedora 27 – 29, this would be my first RPM, so it was a little exciting, and very pleasing when I had a working RPM. Please find my repo here: 

$ sudo dnf copr enable appelond/das-keyboard
$ sudo dnf install das-keyboard-q.x86_64

I have asked the OPS over at https://qforum.daskeyboard.com to make my RPM available in there download section, hope they will do so, I would be so proud.

If you are interested in seeing what this Das Keyboard is all about, please watch this video.


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