Healing my body and soul

It have been a while, sense I wrote anything, but so much have happened and time have been flying by  so quickly. I feel like the 2 weeks between my weekends with Alexander is one. This is frighting and nice at the same time, but just because I don’t feel the time so long any more, I can’t know how Alexander is feeling. He is growing, and is showing his emotions more and more.

I have become aware of my sensitivity to  emotions around me, and they are extreme strong, when it comes to family.

The good thing about being aware of ones empathic ability’s  is that you have a chance to control them, not like a switch, but being aware of  intruding emotions there is not your own, and relate to them so you can use them, as a part of the possible healing, but also to feel others joy and happiness.

This makes the the feeling of meeting new people so much more interesting. Specially joyful young spirits, filled with positive and sparkling energy. It is like riding a dragon of happiness, there fills you up just by getting a like from one of them via e.g. Facebook where we all share our interest in spirit and spirituality. There is no rules like with strict religious communities, all of us have each our owe way of benefiting from spirituality, this makes the positive energy very strong when we meet in person.

This new found Network, has become my go-to for relaxed inquiry’s for anything  from a beer in town on a Monday, to a spiritual vision, or just a loving huge.  It have opened my mind so very much, and is giving me so much pleasure, just to feel love around you is a gift itself.

The acceptance of who you really are, without any raised eyebrows is the sure way to inner happiness and balance…

I went from a divorced emotionally cold person, living by the serenity prayer, to a little spark there is kindling in to an intense peat fire. I feel so showered in light, that my scars is healing and my mind is growing.


May the blessing of light be on you – Light without and light within.
May the blessed sunlight shin and warm your heart ’til it glows like a great peat fire’



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