The day I realized how much I like what I do for living

So it is proved, I like what I do, even so much that I for the 1st time ever, skipped a day, not the kind of skip like you, wake up and think it is Friday and then realize it’s not before you go out the door. I went all in. But to understand what happened here is a small recap.

After I started to feel home in my new division, and we finally got the gó gó gó for this new order, I went all in on planing and putting together a schedule for my self and my visits to all the first costumers in a long list, all over Denmark, and somewhere between Monday and yesterday this week, I lost a day or gained one, I haven’t decide yet.

Sense my divorce I have been without a car, and lived with public transport, and in a way I have gotten used to it. Not that I have lost the interest in purchasing a car or renting one on a long base, but for now it is bus. so to reach this costumer in the outskirts of Denmark, but in a known area to my “past life”. I had to rent my first car ever. A new opportunity based on the department I now work with. Just the idea had to be given to me, I never would have taken renting as an option, before.

So sense this first costumer meeting would be on Monday, I thought to my self I would rent an car for the entire weekend, and get around to visit loved ones, but I needed a bed in the city. I went on FB and asked my family and friends in that part of Denmark if they could offer a bed, for the weekend. I quickly got a positive response and the plan was getting ready to unfold.

With work getting more and more intense from Tuesday, sense I had been home with Alexander, there had a fever on Monday. I had to move fast, and get the car reserved, and start to putting this new adventure together in my head.

I skipped an event yesterday, to feel even more prepared and worked in to the night so I would feel even more prepared for the costumer challenge ahead , that I went home believing so much it was Thursday.  I packed my suet-case, and throw leftovers out, and went to work, the next day, wearing my blazer and running with my suitcase.

When the clock was turning 2 pm I was doing my time sheets, and somehow missing 4 hours yesterday, where I knew I had worked in to the night, I got suspicious to what was going on.

I here realized that today was Thursday and not Friday, not believing it at first I went through the phases of, What the H.. Oh shit what happened yesterday, to realizing that I had made a totally day fuck-up.

So instead of covering it up (not my nature) I went open with it, and that made my new colleagues have a laugh. I got a little scared of my self and it really got to me, in a bad way. But that is the reality of being single and alone.

I have to start taking a little better care of my self and my freedom.

So here I’am in my favor pub writing this post, just to get the events in words and start working with it my self.


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