Going Frank Sinatra in the snow

Long time no hear, but i’m still here, just not writing that much lately, a habit I have to break, because I miss it.

So What have I been up to lately…

I found a new place where I feel happy and welcome, and where I can relax and play with the natural human gifts of psychic abilities we all have though the very important place of our brains called the creative fantasy. Only just getting started but I have been  confirmed by so many wonderful persons already. – Thanks –

The Place I’m talking about is called “Lysets hus” or in English “The House of light”. It is a spiritual house located in the hart of Aarhus and have existed for 100 years this coming week. I don’t see it as a religions place, but more as a power house of light and confirmation of the afterlife. I really hope to frequent it as often I can, for lectures, and training of my mind.

Picture of "The House of light"

I have moved to a new department, after 14 years with Internal IT, and found so many wonderful new people and assignment there utilize my GNU/Linux and Red Hat skills in a more intense way, then before, I even get to to some Architectural work now and then. The department is working with a lot of Oracle products, but all there services like weblogic and 11g database etc. runs on top of Red Hat systems, and that is where I get in to the picture. We mostly focus on the Central Government supply’s so it is some heavy duty costumers we are handling, and I love every part of it.

The Company I begin in back in 1999 was called WM-data BFC, and then it became Logica CMG, and now it is called CGI, it is a every growing company now with 71.000 employ’s spreed over 40 countries and 400 locations, so we are one of the big boys now. I cant help being a little proud of it…


CGI Logo


I also started reading books, a thing I never would have believed if you asked med 2 years ago, but I have been reading several books on the Qabalah, and on psychic abilities in it’s many ways, but lately have been reading Bear Grylls The Autobiography named Mud, Sweat, and Tears and it is a most life confirming story there makes me feel lucky for each chapter I get to. imagine breaking your back in 3 places and then find the will to clime Mount Everest, not to forget the 21st SAS training he accomplished. I have to say I would follow that man in to battle without thinking for a second. I recommend reading his book.

Cover photo from Bear's biography

I also found a “new” TV series there have enchanted me like Star Trek did, and it is of cause Dr. Who. I got a simple recommendation to take a look  from a friend on G+ and off I went, and now I’m in to episode 10 of season 5.  with the 2005 release.

Dr. Who Season 4 front cover

Dr. Who Season 4 front cover

From the new life as a divorced weekend dad, I can say that I’m still struggling a little to find my place, and my way to grab a life without being a full-time dad, and also the life without a car, but I’m going at it with all my powers and will and learning as I go, up’s and down’s all the time, the challenges is to find the balance between the 2 emotions, a thing I will have to live with for many years to come.  But I will never give up because I’m Alexanders dad and I always will be, and I know he love me.

Alexander and me

Alexander and me

So why the Frank Sinatra title and the snow 🙂 well that is because last night I got an intense eager to listen to old Blue eye’s wonderful talent, and it somehow makes me very happy and jolly, and the snow, well that is because Denmark is completely   covered in snow.

Snow in Denmark at Easter

Snow in Denmark at Easter

BTW today it started melting….



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