Happy new year everyone

What a rush 2012 have been, it became the year of big changes, from start to ending. I have been facing hard winds, and I have been realizing that I have a lot of work finding the person I really am. But I think I’m turning, I can feel the wind in my sails again.

I have been playing around with all kind of new stuff, all from GNU/Linux related things to the studding of the Qabalah and reading the Tarot. I even have use them all together, to enlighten me on hard subjects and what to do.

To know who you really are and to be able to use it is the only tool you need for make miracles, and get you over all energy going.

But how do you find a big tool like that, it is not all physical it is not all mental it is not given to you and you need to look to find it. You might not find it all at once, but a knife is not sharp before it is sanded the first time.

I haven’t found it all and I’m not sure I’ll before I take my last breath, and move in to spirit and even then it’s all a process of learning, to find the materials and form them as you go. You might even need to adjust what you already made, but all is for a purpose of what you need.

I want to thank all my followers on Google+ and all the wounder full persons around me for reading and commenting and  having an opinion about what they read. after all that is the true engine of friendship, it is to have something  together to like, talk discuss and be passion about.

Also a thanks to all my frinds on Facebook…

Thanks for all your support though hours of long chats and links to read and learn from in all aspects..

Happy New Year and thanks for a 2012 I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring, but only time will show..




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