Tree of Life and 22 major Arcana Traot cards + Inkscape

I have been studying The tree of Life lately, by purchasing 21 days to understand the Qabalah written by David Wells. It have been my first book ever on the Qabalah. Most of my knowledge have come from reading the webpage called Order of the white lion a very good page to start on, if you as me is curios to learn more about Spiritual guides, Doorkeepers and meditation, etc. take a look!.

As you may know I have also taken an interest in reading the Tarot, and written a little about it in my last 2 posts. The thing I have come to Learn is that the 22 major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck can be laid out on the paths between the 10 Sephirots of the Tree of Life.

Today I decided to make my own A3 size poster with the many colors, symbols and 22 Tarot cards, and what a good way to combine free software, creativity and the Qabalah.

I used Inkscape, a free and OpenSource software under the GPL, to lay it all out, it have been my favor vector based program for the last many years. I found a “sparkle” in my work today. Ever sens my wife left me, I had have so many empty walls to decorated in a way that symbolize me, and what a person I really am. I’m pretty sure that this creative energy Qabalah, Tarot and Inkscape will find it’s way to those walls beginning with what I made today.

Tree of Life with the 22 Major Accane cards

I here share the Inkscape  SVG file and as everything I do, I release it under Creative Commons, so feel free to download it, play with it and print it for you self or anyone else, and very free to share what you make back to the public.

The meaning of the words is: As above, so below; the power and glory; for ever and ever, Amen


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