I found my creative side again

So I have been studying the Tarot more and more lately, and I even took some online causes in reading them, from a wonderful girl called Larua Brown. I paid for 19 hours training, there have been most useful. I even did my first reading for an close friend and my mom and dad.

I have learned the numbers and the suits, and what elements they represent, also the Major Acane card is in place. It is funny how easy the numbers make it to remember the meanings of the cards, and the tablue, when you think of life.

I have become a normal practices for me lately, to draw a card or 3 or even a Celtic Cross in the morning, to guide my self to the day. It is impressive how your brain work in contrast to visual understanding in a creative sense. I even feel that I have become closer to my creative part of my brain, and found the sparkle in drawing colors and paintings again, and to dream about stuff that I want. I don’t know how it can happen, but before my divorce I had very little contact to that side, but lately it have grown and become more natural for me.

I even found my old  crystals from my youth and arrange them in my new showcase in my office at my house. Just to see all that stuff again makes me dream about all the crazy stuff I did back then. and the open and free mind I lived under. Some may say I have become a grownup, but a big part of me is still the adventures kid there can make a fantasy world from almost anything. I think that my soon is liking it a lot.

But I have become more in control of my spiritual site… even when the loneliness surrounding me  often takes me down, I think that the imagination of a kid is extreme useful way up of the dark hole.

Still I’m missing a loving partner in my life, but I have come to understand that lonelihood, is not that bad, but it is the ultimate way of learning from the silent surrounding me every now and then.

I know that every time I draw a card from universal wait deck it is a random card, but somehow I think and believe that there is a meaning with everything, and the way a picture in a card can work it’s way in you mind, is wonderful. I surely believe that  the Tarot is wise from many years of wisdom, after all there is no one there know when the first deck came in to this world…

All the art of the tons of Tarot deck’s out-there is also a great way to stimulate your visual feelings, and after the visual there are so many different believes and  cutlers there bring life to the pictures in the different decks, myths and sagas from all over the world is also a way to understand the meaning of a draw.

So I have found a new hobby there makes me a so much stronger in my self believe, and a way to socialize with new interesting groups of persons all over the world thanks to Google+ and Facebook.

Laura if you read this thanks for the good training, I know that there is a big crowd of Tarot readers there would benefit from a Live reading using Google+ hangouts that I really hope you have the time and are able to find the like to do such a live session. I would be glad to help you technical in any way…. 😉


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