How I define My GNU/Linux Desktop

Hi all, and Merry Christmas.

On my way home from my siblings 25 years birthday party, in the Herning area Denmark, I started thinking while I whas catching up on my podcast first  TuxRadar and then on my way home in the dark, RatholeRadio how I look and see the desktop I’m using, and as you properly know, I’m a Fedora boy. I have been using Fedora on my Desktop sense Fedora 12, and I have always been using Red Hat all the way back to Red Hat 7.1 (Seawolf) which was the distribution I did my apprenticeship exam back in 2001 on. oh those days of ipchains 🙂 …

But for me I look at my Desktop as being GNU/Linux, not Fedora, not Arch or any other distribution of GNU/Linux. I see it this way because, independent of what distribution I use, I modifies it to my own likings, first in Fedora 12 where I really loved the Compiz fusion stuff, but now a days Gnome-Shell do the trick for me. Not that I don’t miss the good old Compiz days, but Gnome-Shell is a nice Windows manager, the only thing I see on the downside is the missing enhanced zoom function, and also the build-in screen-shot function I had with Compiz Fusion, but I survive and have found alternatives to this tools, not as good, but they do.

Now that is a user interface thing, but okay… I know there are differences beneath the UI, stuff like packet management systems is also an important  thing for me… Here I really like the RPM system, specially with yum on top of it. I love the way I can install software, and then rip it off again, if I don’t like it, without thinking of what other software there might need it. specially with the RPMFusion nVidia drivers I find this extreme useful 🙂 I also love the fact that everybody can make a repo with there exact favourite piece of software like e.g. Gimp unstable and Darktable nightly builds.

Then there is all the community stuff, and again I find the whole Fedora community to be the most fantastic bunch of hard working people there really fell with what they pack and develop to be number one. I know that Fedora often have to listen to rambling about being to upstream, but what the heck, that is what I like the most. I’m a huge user of the test repo’s and the rawhide stuff, and I love sending karma to new packets and updates, if they work. I do hop that there will be a breakthrough in the unsuspended from hibernation and ordinary suspend state for kernel’s, and latest kernel- check the bug out here if you like. But then again, is this not what OpenSource in general is all about, I mean you could just swing by in any #Fedora channel’s on an ordinary evening, and see the activity level in there. There is nothing more pleasing for a Freedom lover like my self to see someone succeed with some configuration, or installation they never thought never would be possible for them to figure out without a little help from a friend on IRC.

Here in December and at the end of year 2011 I only can think about one thing, and that is what will happen in 2012 with Fedora, what cool new super upstream stuff will I get to know and use…

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