I’m glad that I live in Denmark Scandinavian but would like some more thunder

Last evening Alexander my 2 years old kid and I was home alone while his mother was visiting a friend. Best as we was playing on the floor with sopebobbels and Lego, a very bright lightning broke the dark Sky in 2, lucky I was the only one to see it, but short after a very long and intense bang rolled over the house, it took almost 30 sec. to finish. Just before the bang Alexander went silent, so he heard the full roll. At first I didn’t really know what to expect, but he crawled on to my lap and was waiting for me to explain what just happened, he being 2 years old understand most of what we say, but don’t speak that much him self yet. I tried to explain that it wasn’t dangerous but beautiful, and the only place it could be dangerous was in an open field, on the water and in the air, like in a trees and so. Lucky or unlucky some may say, it only happened once that evening, but the fear had already hit the kid, not the cry and comforted one, but one of those there last, and you as a parent feel as deeply as the kid it self. The rest of that evening, Alexander said BOOMM a million times, and a thing that normally never happens, was that he wanted to huge and keep a tight grip around my neck every time he had the chance. I read him a bedtime storey, about Curios George, and the man with the yellow hat, and then sang a song, ensuring him that nothing was dangerous and that I would be at the other side of his door. He took his polar bear and went almost instantly to sleep, and slept to the entire night, without a sound.

I went to bed to and slept until morning. When I woke him up, as I normally do, the first thing there came out of his mouth was “BOOOM outside” and the hugging went on. When I drooped him of at his daycare, he ran to her door yelling BOOMEE… I told the daycare-taker all about last nights experiences, and she and I talked about a vacation she had been on in Italy some years ago where the weather had smashed there caravan, and as we talked Alexander was on her arm, but clinging to her neck, as he didn’t like what he heard.

This is a little scary as I never have been afraid of thunder, and always admired the phenomena, but I guess that we just needs to keep talking about it to make Alexander at ease with it. A more ignoring thing is that here in Denmark it almost never happens, so until next time we just have to keep visualising though talk what it was. It would have been much easier just to take a walk in it next time so he, maybe would find the beauty in it too.


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