Love in the after lights of my apart

Love comes in disguise, and sneaks in between persons, who have played with fire, it often find younger people an easier target, because of the physical desire.

But Loves splits in two after it has hit it’s targets, and the the work of keeping the light shining bright is on the shoulders of both. The two persons feed on each other in bad and good, but if one should faint and need to much of the other, the lights drain each other, and none of the lights are able to see the fall. This draining can take yeas to come to an end. It even can become a pulsating beam of united light, in panic to save the existence of the unity of it’s carriers, sometimes a weak but sharp sparkle springs from the pulse and forever tie the 2 draining lights together in 2 forever pulsing flares set apart from each other with the weak but growing light on it ways to the sky.


When a shining light is reduced to a pulsating beam, and then a weak flare, it burns it’s carriers hard, and from the insight where you can’t help it. It can leave scars deep and bleeding, and hurts when ever it comes in range of the little weak sparkle that sprung from what was, and never will return.

I hope my flare will make my light come back, and find it’s way to a new but forever holding unity, until the time come to leave and take it’s place among the old stars in the universe.

Dear growing sparkle, mom and dad will always love you to the stars and beyond.



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