In the Iris Pub on a Monday

Hi all I know it have been some time sense I last wrote anything, but my life have been a hill that sucked all the time out of me. As you might have guessed from my last post, I have been though a divorce, or should I say hell… I have felt like it more then once. To wake up from 12 years of relationship with Kid, hours car and money worries, to being alone and own a hous and no car for the first time sense I was 18 years old, have been like getting kicked hard and landed on the ground… Also the fact that one of my 2 best friends have moved in with my ex wife keeps hitting me hard, not that I’m Jealous but to realize he will get more time with my soon then I, is a hard basted to eat. I try, because to realize that I have lost 2 imported persons in my life sucks big time. I have always been the person who had fey but good friends, so just to lose one is hitting hard…

On the Opensource site, I have been busy to, I had to get my head or should we say brain out of my head, so I first re-installed my Nexus S to Jelly Bean and then the day after   my main laptop to Fedoa  17… Until now I have mostly notices that the fusion nVidia drivers now support the system Screen controller in gnome-shell. On the Jelly Bean site I have gotten an extreme fast phone, but a little unstable up until now, I have had some freezes that have made me force a restart with the battery out and in. but all over it have been a big success.

So what am I planing in the near further…. Well I want to find my life again, and I want to find some new friends, that I can socialize with, but most of all I really would like to start dating, so I don’t die out, in loneliness.

If you have any questions in any direction of Jelly Bean, Fedora 17 or just my divorce, feel free to drop me an comment…


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