Podcatching is a big part of my electronic life

I love the sound of a podcast in my ears in the morning. So what podcast do I listen to.

I have to say my all time favor is the Linuxoutlaws, I have never felt so close to a user community, and got to know that many from just tuning my ears in to a show there records once a week. A big shout out to Dan and Fab’s for keeping up the good work…

Next is This Week in Google, from the twit.tv network, Leo and Co. is a fantastic place to get an update on the tech world, even that it is a show about Google, they cover most of what happens in a Tech Geek computer loving person’s life

Then it is All About Android from twit.tv, again. It is a new show on there 21st episode, but it went way op my list the first time I listen to it

Then it is The Dick Turpin Roadshow, also a very new show out there, done by Matt (yMatt) and Peter (Dickturpin) This is a cool cast, to confirm the easy freedom of speech, there comes with the global Internet.

Next up is the TuxRadar Linux Podcast That podcast is running on season 3 now, and I still really like it, it do tend to be a little short, but there topics are always bang on.

Then there is Dan’s Ratholeradio, not a Linux podcast, but I like the relaxing sound of what he finds every week, also Dan is fantastic on a guitar.

Meet The Gimp is my only Video podcast. It is all about cool stuff you can do with your digital pictures, from making them look very nice just by fine tuning a little. to making smooth GIF animations.

Then there is the BBC stuff, where I listen to Discovery ,Documentary and the Since one. I do sadly skip some of them sometime

There is also Dr. Kikki’s Science Hour again from the twit.tv network, I tend to use it when I need to relax my head from Linux stuff

For my podcatching I use DoggCatcher on my Nexus S


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