Hello I’m AppelonD and now a Fedora BugZapper

I finally decided to apply for a group in the Fedora ecosystem, on there would help out Fedora. After a long night of searching I found the BugZapper and the Proven testers to fit me just perfect. I then applied for the BugZappers, and got accepted.

Next step for me was to find a component I would do useful with, and from the long list I went with the Anaconda group/component. The following evening I dropped by the FedoraBugzapper channel on Freenode, where I introduced my self once more, and got started on triangulating bugs. I think I had a little Goofy getting started, I guess I was a little scared of closing some old bugs there still had value, so starting from the bottom and up, I poked around some of the oldest bugs, and by the help of fenris02 on IRC I learn about bodhi and asked for some comments updates about relevance still applied with latest release and upstreem versions of Fedora.

Today I then closed my first bug, after confirming it worked with latest Fedora release. 1 down 176 to go 🙂

I still have some Learning to do when it comes to different states I can put bugs in to, but I guess I’ll grow with the challenges…

I Just wanted to give a shout out about my little side project. My new OpenSource homepage, which I’m making all the way from scratch using OpenSource tools like Inkscape, Gimp and Eclipse to generate my HTML5 CSS3 site on top of Joomla The code can be found on Github if you want to play around  with it, I do have plans to make some serious CSS3 animation, feel free to comment on what you like and what you would think looked better e.g. colour for navigation menu etc.  If you like, I have entered my introduction mail to the Fedora test mailing list under the “Read more tag”

Appelon in Chinese

This I "Appelon" my middle name in Chinese, if anybody who speak Chinese, would help me add a capital D to the end of it I would be very pleased...

BTW. I know this is called my Danish blog, but I guess it will change to my Danish/English blog in the further 
Hi All You Bug Zappers
My name is Dennis Appelon Nielsen AKA: AppelonD . I’m happy to apply for membership of the BugZapper Fedora group.
I’m 30 years old and live in Denmark. In my day work I’m a Linux system administrator for a company called Logica Danmark A/S
I’m a Red hat Certified Technician (RHCT – 605009853527704), aiming at becoming RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect). I have used Red Hat Linux sense 1998 where I finished my education as an IT-Supporter.
In my day work I’m the main contact between my company and Red Hat, and I maintain around 100 RHEL servers, most of them which I have installed my self.
I live and bereave for OpenSource, and are happy to brand my self as a OpenSource fanatic. I’m learning Python, and understand most of the Python code I see, I primary worked with GUI development, and some data collection scripts I wrote my self. I love playing around with server configuration, and graphic issues when it comes to proprietary Nvidia for Gnome, also everything there have a hint of debugging in the console, all the way from BIOS though all the runlevels to Gnome.Best regards
Dennis Appelon Nielsen

AKA: AppelonD

Find me on:
G+ | Identi.ca | Flickr |
My English homepage about OpenSource: http://appelond.appelon.net
My Danish blog: http://dennis-blog.appelon.net


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